Green Ribbon Awareness Cancer Poetry

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Our Green Ribbon Awareness Cancer Piece can represent Kidney Disney, Leukemia, Ovarian Cancer. "My Cancer Does Not Define Me" is an original works by Kathleen A. Lykken. This unique piece comes printed on 8.5" x 11" parchment paper and enclosed in a black frame. No glass is included on this frame so that the Awareness Ribbon Pin is not smashed. The Awareness Ribbon Pin is attached in the upper right hand corner and a matching extra Awareness Ribbon Pin (same color) is included for you to wear.  For this framed piece, our Awareness Ribbon Pins  and the swirls are in Green. 

Our Awareness Ribbon Pins for this original piece are: Red/White, Orange/White, Purple/White, Yellow/White, Green/White, Lt. Blue/White, Royal Blue/White, Navy/White, Black/White.

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